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Why is paying attention to your present health important?

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You may think that not paying attention to your present physical health does not seem that important, but you are wrong! You have got to pay close attention to your current health, especially if you do not want to experience any sort of problem in the future. For example, even something as minor as not brushing your teeth can have dire consequences to your health in the future.

So if you want to have a longer and more comfortable life, you have got to focus on improving your healthy habits in the present. It would be better for your body if you do!


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Diagnostic Radiology – What it is and its Uses

Every medical practitioner today are thankful for the advancement of technology because it has given them a lot of options when it is about diagnosing their patient’s condition. A number of these techniques are considered invasive; the others are self-explanatory while the others are either non-invasive or just a minimal work of it. Diagnostic radiology is referring to a group of techniques that makes use of non-invasive methods that monitor and identify certain diseases.

Diagnostic Imaging

As it is already stated above, diagnostic radiology is a field of medicine wherein it makes use of non-invasive imaging scans as a means to diagnose a patient. The equipment and tests that are used often involve radiation in low doses to create that highly detailed images being focused on the body. Some of the examples associated with diagnostic radiology are:

  • Ultrasound
  • Radiography or commonly known as X-rays
  • Nuclear Medicine Scans
  • MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans
  • CT Scans – Computed Tomography

Diagnostic radiology is mostly used to identify a wide range of issues of the body. Some of them include heart conditions, broken bones, gastrointestinal conditions, and blood clots. Aside from identifying these issues, doctors also utilize diagnostic radiology to monitor on how the body responds to the current treatment. It can also be used for screening diseases such as colon cancer and breast cancer.

Technologies an Machinery in Radiology

The machinery and technology used in radiology differ from one technique to the other. Some use radiation while the others are not necessary. Some of the most common machines that are used in radiology are the following:

  • CT Scanner – this utilizes the X-ray equipment wherein it creates a chain of cross-sectional images of the patient’s body. It is sometimes used when doctors require images that are highly detailed so that they get to study and identify what the problems’ source is, especially when it comes to the soft tissue.
  • X-ray Machine – this machine utilizes X-rays, one of the many types of electromagnetic radiation, wherein it produces images of the body’s interior without making any incisions.
  • MRI Machine – this utilizes the magnetic field rather than radiation when producing images inside of the body. This is used on body parts that can’t be produced with the imaging process of CT Scanners, especially when it comes to producing clear images of bones.

Some of the diagnostic tests may even require compounds that must be ingested by the patient or chemicals that need to be injected into the body to get a clearer view of the blood veins. The other tests may even need anesthesia with a scope so that the doctor may be able to determine the problem.

Interventional Radiology

This is another technology under diagnostic radiology wherein it utilizes imaging technology like MRI, ultrasounds, and CT scans as this will help guide the medical procedures. This is a kind of technology wherein it takes out the need for scopes and surgery to diagnose and even treat certain conditions. Rather than that, patients are usually awake during the time the procedure takes place or sometimes they are under a very mild sedation.

The common uses for this particular technology are the following:

  • Treating kidney and liver problems
  • Treating back pain
  • Treating the blockages in the veins or arteries
  • Treating Cancers

The ones that oversee this procedure are the interventional radiologists. They are highly specialized radiologists wherein they have taken the extra experience and training to conduct and perform accurate readings with these procedures safely.

What to Expect with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a practice wherein it uses volatile plant oils and also essential oils, which is to achieve physical and psychological well-being. Essential oils have long been used in flavorings, fragrances, and medicines since ancient times. Today, there are over 400 different oils that are extracted from different plants all over the world. Every oil comes with its unique therapeutic properties and can be applied or used in different ways, including:

  • Compresses
  • Lotions and creams for personal use
  • Vaporisers or steam inhalation
  • Add a couple of drops in warm bath water
  • Body massage, which is the most common way that aromatherapy oils are used as a carrier

Before getting an aromatherapy massage, which is the most popular way aromatherapy is applied, the therapist will conduct a full consultation first. They will ask you different questions regarding your medical history, lifestyle, diet and general health. It will give him or her ideas on which essential oils are appropriate to use for your needs. This will be blended in a carrier cream or oil and then applied to the skin as part of the massage treatment. The treated areas will depend entirely on your preferences, but it would be highly recommended to get a full body massage or an option with shoulder, back or neck massage. This will be used with towels to protect your body with modesty.

During the end of the treatment, the therapist will recommend that you use essential oils when you get home. For example, on a tissue to use for inhalation or in the bath, to enhance further the benefits that you’ve gained from the aromatherapy massage.

What are its benefits?

Since essential oils are very aromatic, they are absorbed by the body easily through the lungs and skin. They are believed to affect every part of the body not only physically but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally. When this is combined with a good massage, this helps soothe muscle tension and even improve circulation. Getting an aromatherapy treatment can have a lot of effects to the body, but it entirely depends on the kind of oils used and the massaging techniques applied by the therapist.

The most common reason why people get aromatherapy treatment is to make them relaxed both in mental, spiritual and physical problems. Others say that it makes the relax or aids them in maintaining good health and a general sense of well-being. This is the most popular reason as to why people love to use aromatherapy – to relieve stress. Its aromatic compounds from various essential oils are widely known as relaxants wherein it helps soothe the mind and take away anxiety. This is the reason also for resident owners as to why they want to bring aromatherapy into their homes. If you want to do it this way, some of the best essential oils you can use for stress relief or when feel pressured are bergamot, lavender, lemon oil and much more. There are certain studies wherein it shows lemon oil to improve mood and lessen outbursts of anger.

The essential oils are also used as an antidepressant. It is one of the most important functions of aromatherapy since it is considered as a complementary treatment. However, they are not used as a means for treating depression. It is best that you seek professional help whenever it comes to treating depression. Aromatherapy is only there to assist if you think that this will help you improve your mood.

Understanding Attention Deficit Disorder

Perhaps, you are suspecting that your child has ADD or attention deficit disorder. These raise so many questions such as what is ADD? What are its symptoms, evaluation and how can you help a child with ADD?

Parents who are going through this journey would often feel them lonely. However, you are not alone. There are about 11% of kids that have been diagnosed with this disorder which is according to the survey. Learning what it is and the approach of dealing with ADD is indeed important, and it is your first step to get to know your child with ADD.

What is Attention Deficit Disorder?

ADD is not about how you have disciplined your child or bad parenting. It is a type of biological condition wherein it is difficult for your child to get proper concentration such as sitting still. There are different areas of the brain that controls the ability of your child to concentrate. Most of these areas are less active, and it develops slowly in children with ADD. This is evidenced in the front part of the brain or at the frontal lobe which means that it can upset the balance of the brain chemicals. This is why some children find it hard to be socially interactive with peers.

ADD is a lifelong condition.

Children who have this certain condition doesn’t outgrow the symptom. However, it can change over time. Keep in mind that even while your child does have ADD, that doesn’t mean that he or she can’t be happy and successful in life. Keep in mind that there are effective ways or strategies and optional treatment that you can take in managing ADD. Although children are unique, every treatment and management is different from each other. More so, if you can find its proper ways, you will see an improvement in your child’s behavior.

As a parent with a child that has ADD may be hard to accept but the good thing is that you are not alone. You will be guided by an expert that handles this type of disorder so that you will know how you’re going to approach in times of stress that your child is dealing with certain emotions. It will also help you strengthen your child’s abilities, and talents as most ADD/ADHD grows up to be artists.

Here are some quick facts that will give you an idea what ADD/ADHD is like:

  • There are three times more ADD conditions shown among men compared to women
  • The symptoms of ADD include hyperactivity or activities that are beyond normal, difficulty in controlling behavior and difficulty with paying attention and staying focused.
  • For a patient to be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, the child must first display strong symptoms first that it will have a negative effect on the life of the child for at least six months.
  • No cure exists for ADD/ADHD. However, the symptoms can be managed with counseling and medications.
  • The main indicators and symptoms of this condition are fear, distractibility, inattention, procrastination, daydreaming, poor memory retrieval and slow cognitive thinking.
    Even if ADD and ADHD are referring to the same condition, ADHD is referring to a clinical diagnostic term.
  • The diagnoses frequency of ADD/ADHD has already doubled among the adolescents in the past 15 years.
  • Research has failed in supporting the connection between the development of ADD/ADHD and increased sugar intake.
  • Many celebrities are noted to be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, like Adam Levine, Solange Knowles, and Ryan Gosling.
  • Around 4 to 6 percent of the US population alone are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.
  • Women that smoke during their childbearing years are twice likely to give birth to a child having ADD/ADHD.


Why is Herbal Medicine Not Recommended by Western Medicine?

One thing about Western medicine that they do all the time is prescribed drugs that have been proven to treat their patients that are suffering from certain conditions effectively. And the other side of all that, they warn against the use of herbal medicine. Many believe that drugs are better than herbal medicines and there are also others that believe the other way around.

But it doesn’t mean to say that all doctors are skeptical about herbal medicines. Other practitioners have blended both the study of plants and Western medicine. The result is that they see a different perspective on how plants affect the human body when consumed. For botanists, they know how plants show bioactivity in the human body, but what western medicine does is that they turn to that single dominant compound in the plant, isolate it, synthesize and make a drug out of it. Then they typically forget about the plant altogether. They no longer study the other compounds that are present in the plants and how it affects that predominant compound when ingested into the human body.
Such a belief persisted today for two basic reasons.

The first is that it makes research much easier for them. Single compounds get manufactured in its purest form and then into standardized dosages, which then simplified the clinical trials. The second reason is that it makes it more profitable for drug companies. Isolating the compound and synthesizing that single molecule will allow that drug company to patent the molecule. Creating slight modifications with the chemical structure will allow further potential in patenting it. This exclusivity can be worth billions, unlike whole plants that have little opportunity to get some profit.

You can already imagine how expensive it is to buy these drugs that target one part of the body; the faith in this single-agent drugs would only be acceptable when they yielded better results. However, it is a fact that the whole, the natural plant often has these benefits, not to mention safety that places these isolated compounds to no degree at all.

Medicinal plants contain a wide variety of chemical compounds. It does look chaotic at first, but further investigation reveals a very distinct order. In plant studies, the natural selections push the plant in trying out variations on the molecules to enhance its odds in surviving harsh environments. So sometimes a single molecule present in its greatest amount and at the same time has the most amazing effect on the body, but this comes along with other variations present in the molecule of the same plant.

Here is one reason why Western medicine doesn’t think too fondly of herbal medicine: it is because the majority of herbal medicines have been reported to have side effects to a patient’s body and it only makes the condition of the patient worse than before. This can be avoided by knowing which herbal supplement is right for you. This is preceded with doing your homework. You have to learn which herb works best to your condition and what part of it makes it an effective tool to improve your health. Take for example with flowers and roots of a certain stinging nettle that contains scopoletin, which is a compound with anti-inflammatory properties. However, only its roots contain compounds that are similar to the functions of the asteroid – a compound that herbalists recommend for men that are diagnosed with benign prostate issues. In cases with expensive or rare herbs, a company with unscrupulous motives will utilize non-medicinal parts, mostly the leaves rather than with the roots.

Don’t forget to read the label, too. It must specify the scientific name of the herb, the part of the plant and when it is going to expire. A bonus would be where the plant’s country of origin is.

Beginner’s Tips on Aromatherapy

Here is one thing that you have to keep in mind about essential oils in bottles: it is okay to use the bottle that has a dropper top if you wish to store it there with essential oils mixed with carrier oils that are in its low dilution levels for a couple of months or less. But experts advise against storing pure essential oils in these bottles as the oil will get ruined by the rubber that turns mushy as time goes by. It is acceptable if the bottle makes use of the euro dropper or one that has a plastic orifice reduce inserted inside the bottle as its material can withstand essential oils.

The note above is just one of the many things suggested to beginners when they start on aromatherapy whether for business or their personal use. There are more to learn as you read further.

  • Avoid buying perfume oils because you think they are the same with essential oils. Perfume oils do not provide the same relaxing, or therapeutic benefits like the essential oils do. Even if you just intend to use it for a mere enjoyment due to its aroma, it is best that you go with essential oils as they provide more therapeutic benefits. The benefits essential oils provide are not found in perfume oils.
  • Read and learn as much as you can about this topic. It is not that complicated when you get started with aromatherapy; however, there are safety concerns that you have to be wary of. There are books dedicated to starting with aromatherapy. Make sure you read through and take note of the things that you must do to avoid when starting up with this subject.
  • Make sure you are selective on where you buy your essential oils. The quality of these oils varies widely from one manufacturer over the other. Added to that, some companies may even claim falsely that their oils are pure when in fact they aren’t.
  • You should also learn in comparing various essential oils. This means that you need to search for every essential oil in the market today so that you can differentiate the varieties and their benefits. The most common plants used for essential oils are Lavender, Anise, Cedarwood, Bay, and Eucalyptus. However, there are different varieties from each of these plants above. In differentiate its varieties, you can tell them apart by their botanical name. For example, you find two different oils, yet they are referred to as the “bay essential oil,” however they come from 2 different plants. Its aroma and properties are the ones that differ, especially with its general cost as well. It is important that you pay attention to its botanical name. In the case of the example above, its common botanical names are Laurus nobilis and Pimenta racemosa.
  • It will help you a lot if you know the country of origin of the essential oil. Most of the best essential oil sellers supply readily its botanical names and the country where it originally came from for the essential oils that sell. When you compare company oils, make sure you pay close attention whether or not the oils are ethically farmed, wild-crafted or organic.
  • Avoid purchasing oils coming from craft shows, street fairs or any other limited-time events. Some vendors know beginners do not have recourse when it comes to them later. This isn’t saying that you can’t find reputable essential oil sellers in such events, but this is merely a precaution or warning as there are various reports and complaints about this from most beginners.

It is best that you dedicate your time to learning your craft if you want to get better with aromatherapy and offer it to people that want to experience it.

How To Manage Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion occurs after you have been exposed to high levels and extreme temperatures and it is always accompanied by dehydration. More so, there are two types of heat exhaustion.

Salt depletion- warning signs that include nausea, vomiting, dizziness and muscle cramps.
Water depletion- warning signs that include excessive thirst accompanied by a headache, weakness, and loss of consciousness.

In comparison to heat stroke, heat exhaustion may not be as serious, but this shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, if there is no proper intervention, heat exhaustion can lead to further complications such as the heat stroke. The effects of heat stroke can damage the vital organs, and the brain thus can even cause death if not managed right away.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion

Dark colored urine
Pale skin
Profuse sweating
Abdominal and muscle cramps
Rapid heart beat

Management of heat exhaustion.

To immediately treat and manage heat exhaustion it is important to take action right away. If you are experiencing the mentioned symptoms above or perhaps you are with someone who is in heat exhaustion, it is best that you know how to manage. Here are the following.

1. It is best that you avoid caffeine and drink plenty of water.
2. Remove unnecessary or tight clothing
3. It is important that you take a cool bath or a sponge bath
4. Apply other methods to cool yourself such as fans and ice towels

Doing it for 15 minutes doesn’t have any changes, it is important that you seek for emergency help as this can immediately progress to heat stroke. Mind you, if you have ever experienced heat exhaustion, there is a possibility that you can inherit a sensitivity to higher temperatures. So, it would be best for you to avoid extreme temperatures such as a hot weather condition and extreme physical exercises or activities.

It is very risky if you are not careful enough to put yourself in a position that you won’t be affected by any means of heat exhaustion. Anything that makes your body work out and sweat profusely can lead to heat exhaustion which is why it is important that you drink as many fluids as possible to make sure that you are maintaining your optimal level of wellness. Do not take for granted the needs of your body and it is essential that you listen to your body as well.

People tend to take their bodies for granted, which is why they only address such issue when heat exhaustion happens to them. You can prevent such things from happening in the first place. One of them is by wearing lightweight, loose-fitting and light-colored clothing. Wearing dark, tight or excess clothing tends to hold on to heat and will not even let your body cool off properly since it prevents sweat evaporation.

If you are going to be outdoors most of the time, you should wear a wide-brimmed, lightweight hat or use an umbrella to shade yourself from the heat of the sun. Getting sunburned reduces the ability of your body to get rid of heat.

When you are out in the heat for too long, look for a place where you can cool yourself off. Even if you are just going to be in an airconditioned building for a few hours, it will help prevent your body from getting heat exhaustion. The shopping mall or a library are some of the best places where you can relax. But if you can’t find such places, at least look for an area that is well shaded against the sun.

Causes and Treatment of Leg Pain

Lower extremities can sometimes be a pain depending on the positioning. Leg pain can be caused by prolonged standing and sitting. The more painful it is can also cause a change in your daily routine which makes you vulnerable to perform your activities of daily living. Seeking for medical treatment can be managed if your doctor would say that you have leg cramps, issues at your nerves or blood clots. The good thing nowadays is that you can home remedies using certain types of herbal medications are available depending on the severity of the pain.

Muscle cramps- this can occur anytime especially during sleeping hours or even in the middle of the day. You will feel a sudden and intense tightness of your muscles which is often termed as a charlie horse. As soon as it takes its grip, the condition can go on and be more painful. This happens if you are dehydrated. To best manage leg cramps is to hydrate yourself more and gently stretch your legs or massage the area where it gets intense. If you are opting to exercise, always stretch it before performing.

Shin splints- this pain is felt at the anterior of the calf. The muscles along the edges of the shin of the bone become inflamed. So, this means that as you are walking, running or jumping and it could be very painful. Keep in mind that if activities that affect the shin area is affected there is a possibility that you will get shin splints. People who are flat footed are prone to shin splints as well. To manage shin splints is to take analgesics and application of ice at the affected area.

Tendinitis- this is a warning sign of an inflamed Achilles tendon. Pain is located in the lower calf posterior area of the heel. This is one of the common injuries among athletes. You will get tendinitis if you go back and forth climbing stairs. To relief, the inflammation is to apply ice to the affected area. Wait until the pain subsides until such time that you can walk again.

Sprains or broken bones- if you ever twist your ankle, it is important that you remember these pneumonics (RICE) which means rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If it is too severe, apply ice and immediately seek for consultation as this can be a sign of a fractured bone.

Resting your legs and elevating your legs at the heart level provides comfort. In this way, you can keep the blood circulation in your body system.

Talking about resting your legs, how do you prevent the pain from happening in the first place? You’ll be surprised that one of the most effective ways of preventing leg pains or muscle spasms is by drinking lots of water and any other fluids. It should be enough that your urine turns clear just like water. However, you should limit or avoid alcoholic drinks altogether. They are not counted as something that will help you prevent muscle spasms.

As with your diet, make sure that they are well-balanced and healthy for your body. You have to include foods that are rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

It will also help your muscles relieve stress if you ride a stationary bike or bike as this will stretch and condition the muscles. You should also stretch your muscles daily, especially before and after you do your exercise, especially before bedtime.

Avoid suddenly increasing your exercise time. It is best to do this a little every week.

Take multivitamin supplements each day to help your muscles stretch out without getting sprained.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

There are various reasons in existence today as to why people decide to go for chiropractic care. It doesn’t matter whether your reason is to address your headaches or back pain, there are different ways that the spine can be adjusted to aid your overall optimal health. Taking care of the spine also means that you have to take care of your whole nervous system. But are people doing that all the time? Taking care of the nervous system benefits the whole body, which is why there are a lot of great benefits with chiropractic care that the average person has little knowledge about. Here are some of the best benefits of chiropractic care that will help improve your life.
Relieve stress

When the nervous system is out of the line, and the whole skeletal and muscular systems are not in its proper position, there is a high chance that your whole body will make you feel out of line as well. This results in a great deal of physical and mental stress to the body. Once everything is balanced out, the body will immediately feel less nervous or tense than before. The relaxation your body feels will be sent to the brain as well. Once you get adjusted, you will feel that you can manage your stress that well.

Improve posture
As you keep going for a regular chiropractic adjustment, this will help align the curves and tilting in the spine and also help improve posture, too. This is highly beneficial especially when it comes to the curve of your neck. A lot of people develop neck problems as they grow older because of the constant position right in front of the computer screen or they kept hunching on their back while talking on the phone. Regularly getting chiropractic care will help improve your posture and make you stand stronger and taller.

The importance of getting a good posture has long been forgotten, since in the West it has influenced people all over the world to sit all day, thus putting damage to the spine and the posture. Today, it is very common for most people to spend hours sitting in front of the computer, smartphone, laptop or any other device that they are hooked to. There are only a handful of people that take the time to stretch properly and fix their posture.

Enhance your mood
As you get adjusted, you are also balancing the entire system of your body. This also affects the chemistry, too. It means that the times you are suffering from some chemical imbalances can be benefited from chiropractic care. People that deal with depression can also see improvement with their mood if they go to a chiropractic care regularly. Individuals that are diagnosed with ADHD have also witnessed great benefits when they regularly get these spinal adjustments.
It is still important that you take note of these benefits even if you are already getting your regular chiropractic care.

How it Works
Most benefits that are associated with the chiropractic care are because of patients that receive specific adjustments of chiropractic care. The adjustments aid in helping place the body in its proper position wherein it allows the body to heal naturally by itself. This is an alternative and holistic treatment approach, wherein it can reduce the stress that is placed on the immune system of the body. It helps to free up the energy that is used for preventing diseases and even maintain homeostasis. Chiropractic care’s goal is to address the whole body, improving the ability of the patient to move, think and perform.

Seven simple, healthy habits to develop

Are you trying to find some ways to improve your physical health? You do not have to do anything drastic to become a healthier person. In fact, there are a few simple habits that you could just develop to improve your health.

  1. Light exercise

Light exercise such as a 10-minute walk can help you improve your health in some different ways. You can maintain your weight, boost your energy levels, and even have a better mood if you just make it a point to do some light exercise more regularly.

  1. Regular sleep

Your sleep habits have got far-reaching health effects. Regular sleep can lower your stress hormones and even help you get more energy throughout the day. Adults should try and get at least seven to eight hours of daily sleep. And you may want to try and keep a regular sleep schedule to improve your sleeping habits.

  1. Fix your posture

Pay close attention to how you are sitting and walking. Your body’s posture can affect your back and spine health. Ideally, you should be sitting and walking upright if you want to have a good back and spine health. You should also try and balance your weight evenly on both of your feet if you want to maintain a good posture too. Fixing your posture may seem like it is not going to do a lot for your overall health, but you would be amazed at how much healthier you would feel in the long run if you just maintained a proper posture.

  1. Watch your weight

Try to watch your weight, specifically try and weigh yourself every week. Maintaining a good weight is important for anyone that wants to stay healthy. You may want to look up the ideal weight for someone of your age and height. If you try and maintain that specific weight, then you can also reduce the chances of developing certain kinds of ailments such as high blood pressure. And if you have maintained an ideal body weight, you should be able also to feel more upbeat since you have got more access to energy due to an improved body metabolism.

  1. Drink more water

One simple thing that you can do is just to drink a lot of water. You need at least seven to eight glasses of water a day. And most people do not consume that much water daily. You can improve your immune system’s health and other physical aspects of your body if you just consume more water every day. You would be surprised at how much healthier you would feel if you are just well-hydrated.

  1. Avoid unhealthy foods

There is a lot of unhealthy food that you should avoid eating if you want to improve your health. For example, if you drink a lot of soda and sugary drinks, then you may want to stop consuming those kinds of foods. You could try replacing one can of soda with one glass of water. And this is also true for other kinds of food as well. Instead of eating candy and other kinds of junk food you could try and eat more fruits and other kinds of healthier foods. Just simply limiting your unhealthy food intake is going to improve your health a lot.

These are just some of the healthy habits that are easy to develop. And while these habits are incredibly simple, they will still have a huge impact on your day to day health and even your future overall health as well. So you have got to make it a point to practice these simple habits if you would like to lead a healthier lifestyle. You are going to be able to improve your health if you just also improve some of your habits.

What are the Common Misconceptions about Meditation?

Everyone today is at least aware of what meditation is. They know that meditation can help a lot in how a person functions daily. And it is getting very popular today, too. National publications have covered this amazing activity that has brought out the attention of how people in ancient times have been practicing all along. While most people know the positive side of what meditation can provide, there are still a lot of meditators carrying misconceptions about it.

It takes many years to get a good work on meditation
This is a very common and big misconception. It is also the reason why other people are not into meditation. You hear a lot of stories wherein people go to a far-off forest just to meditate there for ten years. Or you’ll hear a certain “monk” that has given up his Ferrari just to get a good “meditation” at the Himalayas.

The truth about meditation is that starting from the first day you have practiced it, you have already gained a lot of benefits. There is no need to dedicate an entire decade for it to get it right. This is the same way on how you treat running – the first time you run; you already reap its benefits. There is no need to be a marathon runner, too.

It is not possible for you to think about nothing
Most people have this belief that meditation is about making an empty mind. And just from the first day, they are completely challenged and have a hard time doing it. Which is why they feel bad that they can’t get it right.
Instead, meditation is more like setting aside a time to guide your mind. It is peaceful, yet at the same time, it is in an active process. You are not just sitting on your back with a mind empty. What you’re doing is softly moving the mind in a more awareness state, choice and consciousness.

It takes too much time
The first time that you try meditation, it will feel like it is taking too much time. How is it possible to set aside ten, twenty or 30 minutes each day when it you see it like there is no time in a day to start with? But if you are willing to give it a try, you might find that meditation adding more time to your day. This happens since you gain more control over the mind and you spend less on activities that are distracting.

All meditation is the same
This was the origin of the biggest confusion for most people when they were about to start on their meditation lessons. They did not realize that there are different forms of meditation, like the guided imagery, contemplative meditation, and the Transcendental Meditation. Each of these has goals of its own that are different from each other. Some people shared that they tried all and achieved small results. What they did then was pick one that seems close or feel that are comfortable for them and committed to learning more about it. It was only that time that they started seeing great progress with their personal development.

There’s no use with mindfulness meditation
Mindfulness meditation’s main purpose is to train the mind in seeing yourselves, and the world in greater clarify so that people will be able to make better decisions in every affair that they are in, like career, relationships and with social action, too. It also enhances the mental abilities of humans, such as creativity, memory and abstract thinking. This makes people more effective in everything they do.

How to take better care of dental health?

There are a lot of things that you have got to pay attention to when it comes to your health. And one of the most important things that you have got to take note of is your oral or dental health. Your teeth and gums are very important parts of your body, and you only get one set of permanent teeth, so you had better learn how to take care of them properly. One small problem with your tooth could lead to an excruciating pain in the future. It would be smart of you to start caring for your teeth right now. Here is what you can do to improve your oral health.

Consider buying an electric toothbrush

Brushing your teeth regularly forms the basis of any good oral health care practice. But it may be better for you to buy an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth with. This is because an electric toothbrush can clean your teeth much faster and more completely than manually using a toothbrush to do so. Electric toothbrushes are very affordable, and the potential health benefits of using one regularly are going to outweigh the costs far.

Floss regularly or use a water flosser

Flossing every day is essential. This is because leaving food stuck in between your teeth is going to cause you a lot of problems because plaque can harden into tartar which can cause gum disease. You may want to invest in a water flosser, which can use a thin stream of water to floss your teeth and remove dental plaque. It would be a fast and efficient way to remove dental plaque from your teeth every day completely.

Limit your sugary food intake

Sugary foods should be avoided as much as possible, especially if you are already prone to getting cavities. Eating foods rich in sugar can encourage the growth of bacteria in your mouth, and these sorts of organisms can cause tooth decay because they produce carbonic acid which can lead to the slow dissolving of your tooth’s enamel. There is a reason why dentists warn against drinking too much soda and eating too much candy. Those sorts of foods can lead to teeth cavities and decay.

Chew carefully and slowly

You could save yourself a lot of grief if you just chew a bit more carefully. Chewing too hard on ice cubes and other kinds of hard things can lead to cracks in your teeth or even a tooth fracture. And that can be a very painful condition. If you are eating anything hard or crunchy, just be sure to do so as carefully as you can.

Visit the dentist several times a year

You should make it a point to see your dentist at least 2 to 3 times a year. This is because a regular visit to the dentist can solve a lot of oral health issues. They could clean your teeth to remove some of the tartar that you failed to clean through flossing. And they could even prevent further dental health issues from developing, by treating gum disease and other kinds of oral health problems early on.

These are all of the tips that you can follow if you want to have better dental health. Remember, you only get one set of permanent teeth, and if you lose one of your teeth, then that is it. If you do not want to replace your teeth or experience any issues with your oral health in the future, then you have got to consider all of these tips very carefully. The way that you take care of your dental health right now can have far-reaching impacts in the future.


Have you ever wondered how your body works? How every internal organ works together to keep you alive and able to do things you love to do? Well, if you are, continue reading and get amazed with an organ that I am going to tell you about. This organ, together with the pituitary, the pancreas, and other hormone-secreting glands, belongs to the endocrine system. What is an endocrine system? The endocrine system refers to the group of glands that work together and secrete many types of different hormones that regulate the body. What are hormones? Hormones are chemical messengers that help the endocrine system regulate the activity of specific organs in the different parts of the body.
What is thyroid gland? The thyroid gland is located in the neck of vertebrate animals like a man that secretes the hormones controlling metabolism and growth.

Here are 9 Facts You Should Know About Thyroid
It is a butterfly-shaped organ underlying your neck and is very useful to the body. An adult gland usually weighs 10-20 g and has two flat oval lobes linked by an isthmus.

Regulates metabolism. The thyroid gland secretes triiodothyronine and thyroxin. Both stimulate and maintain metabolic processes, regulate the body’s temperature, and heart rate. Most thyroxin binds with protein. Helps to enhance cognitive ability and converts nutrients into energy.

Hormones secreted interact with all other hormones like insulin, cortisol, testosterone, progesterone and estrogen and others.

Has the ability to utilize dietary iodide. Greatly influences almost all of the body cells. Once damaged, may affect the function of the whole body system and functions.

Unhealthy thyroid may result in hypothyroidism, which occurs when the thyroid produces too little hormone or the iodine deficiency and hyperthyroidism, which is the opposite of hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism symptoms include lethargy, weight gain, rough and scaly skin or dryness and even tangled hair, hair loss, sensitivity to cold, and low basal temperature.

Hyperthyroidism symptoms include feeling restless, difficulty in concentrating, frequent bowel movements, weight loss, rapid heartbeat, protruding eyes, and irregular menstrual periods in women.

Women are more prone to these diseases. Hyperthyroid women can have difficulty in giving birth.

If left untreated can lead to heart problems and even heart failure. Symptoms may not be noticeable at first.

These are just a few things to remember about thyroid. Be healthy and be vigilant enough to any unfamiliar changes to your body. More and more discoveries nowadays can influence to the occurrence of different body problems. It is in you that you should start with, to be healthy, to be informed, and to change your lifestyle. Start now and get involved in promoting a better way of living for a better community, and for a better world.

Keeping Your Thyroid Healthy
As it is already mentioned, it is important as well that you are aware of taking care of your thyroid glands. Though the triggers for any disease associated with thyroid glands are not common, it will happen to anyone else without notice. So here are the things that will help you keep them at bay.
Eat cruciferous vegetables either juiced, cooked or raw. Certain health conditions advise against eating them raw, so make sure you ask your doctor whether or not you are allowed to eat raw vegetables.
Brazil nuts are also rich in selenium, which is essential for converting the thyroxine of its active form, which is T3. However, some people are not allowed to take in foods that have selenium content. They are necessary for glutathione production to decrease the production of thyroid antibodies.
Don’t forget about the sea vegetables also, as they are a good source of iodine. The iodine attaches itself to an amino acid named tyrosine, to take the shape of the thyroxine. When your body has insufficient iodine level, it will turn into a rate-limiting step with the production of hormones in the thyroid gland, and it will also inhibit the function of your thyroid, too. Nori, an edible seaweed from Japan that you can snack on solo or have it paired with wild salmon, sprouts, avocado, etc.

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